Efficient septic tank service

When you have a septic tank or soakaway on your property, it is important to ensure they are installed correctly and maintained regularly. This can prevent overflow and costly damage to your home or business. At Ace Drains Ltd we offer a fully comprehensive soakaway and septic tank service to care for your cesspit, working from our base in County Armagh throughout Northern Ireland.  

Septic tank maintenance and installation

If you are located in a rural area and the main sewers are not accessible to you, you may benefit from our septic tank service. We can place a septic tank of your chosen size in an appropriate place in your property, ensuring it will be correctly positioned to collect waste. Our team works throughout Northern Ireland, including Belfast and County Armagh, to perform regular maintenance and emptying of your septic tank.

Installing and maintaining soakaways

Soakaways can prove useful if you are in a property or area that is prone to flooding or water lying on the ground after rain. You can avoid this water from damaging your buildings or proving a hazard by installing a soakaway cesspit, which will disperse water into the ground evenly. In addition to our septic tank service, our team at Ace Drains Ltd can install and maintain high quality soakaways for all your needs.  

Experienced professionals

At our family run, independent company Ace Drains Ltd, we have a reputation for high quality work on sewers and cesspits throughout Northern Ireland. Our friendly and knowledgeable team work efficiently to get your task, no matter how simple or complex, performed quickly and correctly the first time. With our vast range of services, there is no need to choose anyone else. 
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